Owner Responsibilities

The following are required when staying with me—

I will interview you and your dog in my home to make sure that everyone is a good fit. I will show you the premises where your dog will have access to during his or her stay.

1.  All dogs must be current on immunizations- Rabies, DHLPP (titers acceptable for dogs over 3 years old) and Bordetella (kennel cough).  They must have received these vaccines a minimum of one month prior to their stay with me. Copies from your animal hospital must be brought with you at our interview.

2.  All dogs will be in good health with NO clinical symptoms of any illness or disease.

3.  All dogs must be flea-free.

4. You must provide all emergency contact information for you and your veterinarian. All information on important health history should be brought to my attention to provide the best care in the event of an emergency.

5. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered will only be accepted if no other dogs are staying in my home during that time.

6. Any dogs that have exhibited aggressive tendencies unfortunately are not welcome here in order to keep a safe and stress-free home for all dogs.

7. If your dog is a breed that requires regular grooming to maintain a healthy skin and coat then please make sure the dog receives timely care for its hygiene.

8. You will provide me with your dog’s food to keep him or her on the same diet in an amount that will last for the duration of the visit. If I run out of food because you did not bring enough I will have to charge you for the purchase of a new bag and my time to go buy it.

9. If your dog is on any medications you must write them down on paper with specific instructions for me. In addition make sure all medications are correctly labeled.

10. Payment for your dog is due in full at the time you pick up your dog at my home. NO exceptions.

Having all owners comply with these rules enables me to run a clean, healthy, safe and enjoyable environment for our loving canine companions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Donna Cole


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