My services and current rates (sales tax is included in prices) are listed below:

—Dog day care.
You can drop off your dog before you go to work for the day and pick him or her up on your way home. Your dog will have an enjoyable day with me at my home with access to 4 fenced in acres to run around safely on and a stress-free home inside to relax on the couch if they’d like. Fee: $45 per dog ($80 for two dogs).

—Dog overnight care. You can leave your dog for a day or a month! Whatever your needs are while traveling, I have your four legged companion covered. He or she will feel like they never left home. Fee: $55 per dog per night ($100 for two dogs).

—Dog day care pick up service. If you live within a 30 minute round trip distance and need me to pick up your dog to spend the day with me, this service can be arranged in advanced and you can pick up your pooch at a later arranged time. Fee: $30.


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