Two Paws Up Reviews

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I have known Donna for ten years and she is one of the most compassionate animal lovers I have ever met. Donna forms a connection with dogs very quickly and they feel as if her home is theirs. This is a wonderful comfort for me. I am a professional dog trainer in the Woodstock and greater area for more than 16 years and I would not trust anyone else to watch my dogs in their home.

When I call up Donna and tell her I need her magical dog-nanny care for a day or two weeks…. it’s not asking her to watch a dog but usually up to as many as six at a time!! My lifestyle is constructed in such a way that I’m often taking my bird dogs (llewellin setters and wirehaired vizsla) or my German Shepherds. This is no small task to handle. So whether it’s one dog or six Donna has provided my dogs with a happy, safe, comfortable and clean HOME-environment that enables me to do the work I must do on the road or enjoy my time away with my other pack members. There’s a difference between people doing in-house boarding and a dog feeling like they are home—my dog’s feel like they are home. If Donna can watch your dog for you while you are away from home, then I can tell you— your dog will certainly have a better vacation then you and will go home relaxed and well exercised like they never left.  Donna Cole has my seal of approval for life!!

Kyle Warren, Olivebridge, NY


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